Strawberries don't look so good

I have 2 plants one is green and growing and the other while it is ahead time wise by 3 days the leaves are red and brown and dyeing. there is some very small growth but i think the plant will die befor the fruit is at a ripe state.

Hi @Wolfman1!

Did you thinned your plants (1-2 seedlings per pod is enough)? How-To Thin Mini Tomato - YouTube
Looks like there are too many plants per one pod and nutrients run out of soil before the plant will develop its fruits.
Do you have an opportunity to repot/ transplant it? Cutting out all the brown and dead parts would be necessary anyway. Here is a tutorial video how to take care of a strawberry plant: How-To Care For Wild Strawberry - YouTube
I would also suggest using app to get timed tips and plant care information.

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Wow, it is wonderful to be connected!!! I will put all the suggestions into action and see where we go! How do you know what kind and when to use nutrients? Will I get this notice via email every time or do I need to look into the click and grow website??



When you are repotting, just use a universal or berries potting mix and it should be fine. Nutrients are usually already added into the soil but you can ask it from the local gardening center. Here is a video about transplanting: How-To Repot Petunia! - YouTube
Make sure strawberry has enough light. You can also transplant it outside if there is an opportunity.
Plant care information is on the website (under every plant) and on the app. I just think that app is much more convenient to use as it gives plant care tips accordingly to every plant age.