How and when to trim wild strawberries?

hi c+g gardeners,

i started growing wild strawberries 46 days ago in a cg3, and have since added an additional cg3 and cg9. i moved the strawberries to the 9 and the leaves are everywhere. what is the best method of trimming? i also read around here that you get better fruits with one plant vs 2, is is too late for me to thin one plant out now?

other plants growing: cg9 - green lettuce, mini red tomato, cg3 - basil and lavender. i’m super impressed with how quickly everything has germinated, it’s been less than a week and all successful pods!

Hi, your Wild Strawberry looks great at this stage, but you may find this plant care video helpful for the future How-To Care For Wild Strawberry - YouTube

It’s now over a week later and the leaves have started to droop and not stand up as tall, i received pro cups and have transferred them. Hoping it’s not too late however there were severely cramped roots in the cup. I’ve read that directing a fan at the plants can help, is it worth trying to help strengthen them?

Hi, thanks for the update.

Is the soil moist? Sometimes, when the plant is rootbound in the sealed cup- it might be tricky to establish good contact between the plant pod and the watering wick in the new cup? How are yours, is the soil getting enough water from the tank.

If possible, also add a pic of your plants, then we can look into the issue more deeply.

I trimmed back a lot of the big leaves and it seems to have bounced back (plant closest to center). There are a lot of new leaves growing as well. They definitely seem root bound so i’m hoping that i got the pro cups in time. Next time i would definitely only leave one seedling as they really do grow wild!

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yes, thinning seedlings in the early growing stage definitely reduces rootbound as the plant matures.

Those plants look very fine and hopefully, more flower stems will emerge soon. :strawberry:

Wild Strawberry Day 65 update- I trimmed a lot of the old leaves, i was nervous it was too many at first but it seemed to do the trick along with switching to pro cups. I have about 15 fruits ripening, 7 flowers in bloom and ~10-15 new flowers coming in.

When trimming old leaves, is it safe to trim the ones attached to the flower stems?

The rest of the garden- Day 24 for green lettuce, basil and tomato, Day 22 of the lavender. Wish i had space for more!


day 70! they’re doing so well, i can’t believe how many fruit are on this plant!


Strawberry day 84 / Tomato & Lavender day 43-

Everything is doing really well! the first few strawberries were small but super sweet. After the initial flowering/fruiting the flowering has seem to slowed as the fruits mature. There are at least 10 strawberries on each pod, one has almost 20. I noticed that only 2 of the 3 strawberry roots grew through the pro pods, and that plant is a little smaller and has the least fruit. The tomato and lavender are starting to flower and the tomato leaves smell so strong and fresh! The lavender leaves are amazing to rub and use when feeling stressed. The lettuce was ready to harvest so they’ve been reported with 2 thai basil and 1 cinnamon basil. I received the 9 pack and some of the seeds were out of the pods so they might be mixed but i’m exited to try something different. I’m so happy with my click and grow, it’s been life changing in a small brooklyn apartment!