Wild strawberrys

Hello, I planted my wild strawberrys on may 26th. In the above pictures it is 3 plants in the clock and grow. They are almost touching the light and they are growing out left and right now not just straight up. So I have two questions. 1:when can I expect strawberries?
2: what can I do about them growing out to the sides? Do I get string and lightly tie them all together as 3 separate bunches or continue to let them go where ever? Thanks in advance.

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A bit odd looking they are. A little stretched. But the leaves are healthy.
Have you seen flowers yet? If they start appearing, then it takes at least another month for berries.

Let the plants grow to the sides. It’s okay!

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Okay thanks for the advice. Yes there are a couple flowers. Last question. When I do get some strawberrys will it be enough to fill a small bowl? Or are they just like a few here and there. Also when I get them and start picking them will they just continue to grow more berries or are the 3 plants limited so to speak to one round of picking them they are done and garbage ?

So I was growing wild strawberries for my wife last christmas.
I think we got 2-3 berries every day for 2 to three weeks. So yeah - no bowl.
Wild strawberry is just like that.
Be aware, that once the strawberries start producing fruit they will most likely loose their foliage. It happens similarly in nature.

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My strawberry crop was a fail. I hadn’t realised I should thin them at the beginning. I lovingly pollinated every flower but the few strawberry’s that did come were teeny and tasteless. I was very disappointed. Sadly same for my tomatoes. Tiny and taste awful. I did thin those to one plant per pod. I am not sure what I did wrong! Herbs have all been brilliant especially basil.

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Sad to hear.
My first plants have always been a disaster. In the greenhouse or in Clicks & Grow.

However the more you grow, the more you know and the better the plants will behave. I suggest trying another round. Maybe even flowers! Painted nettle, polka dot plant, cockscomb are my favorites.

Sorry for possible naive questions ! BUT …

  • Will I see flowers before strawberries appear ?
  • The strawberries grow ON the plant, and not under the soil, right ?
  • Whereas may arugula was ready after about 5 weeks, do the strawberries take much longer ??
    it’s been about 7 weeks, and no flower.
  • HEY… nobody said anything about pollinating ! LOL How do I do that ??
    Thanks !
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  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • You can do this by gently shaking your plant, gently brushing the flowers with a child’s paint brush, Q-tip, or your finger.

Here is a link for more info

Btw if you didn’t thin your strawberries to two plants than it might take longer to flower

How to thin: you transplant your strawberry seedlings preferably when it has 3-4 true leaves from the smart soil leaving the 2 (or one) strongest seedlings in the smart soil

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