Sg3, busy lizzie & wild strawberry update

So this is my day 55 update
my wild strawberry has two small flowers (one is completely healthy and the other one seems to have lost its white petals, maybe because im shaking it too hard (while pollinating)

but this bushy monster Has this nice looking red big flower among other small white/uncolored-yet flowers

I have a question : should I pollinate the wild strawberry everyday? Or just once is enough?

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Nice looking plants!

For SW a couple of times of pollinating will do the job. White petals are not really necessary for fruiting, so no worries :wink:

They are indeed :heart_eyes: , Thank you mirjam

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So this is day 80 and WildStrawberry is making a nice progress so far , is i time to put that third arm? Because i can see some burned tips on the leafs that are close to the lamp

Hi, overall the plant seems pretty healthy. It is recommended to use one lamp arm to grow wild strawberry. If you raise the lamp too high the plant gets less light and less resources to yield. If brownish leaf edges are troubling you, just remove some of those leaves. That also promotes the growth of new leaves and flower stems.

Day 93
I have cut/pruned alot of weak/dead/brown throughout the past two weeks :leaves: only kept the strong ones , did i do too much? Or is it okay?

And about the lamp arm , i dont think i can get back to using one arm as my plant is already taller than one arm ( my mistake because i used the extended arm too soon and probably shouldn’t ) its my first time so :wink:

It looks happy to me. And there are tiny berries, amazing. It is fine to use two arms if your plant has really reached that high.

Yea they are Amazing!
watching them,taking care of them and hopefully eating them deliciously !

Also the fact that all of this happend inside my apartment is simply Amazing :heart_eyes:

I Will update when new thing happens

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Well, Hello there :heart_eyes:


So good! What day did the berry get to red, or big enough to eat?