Wild strawberries doesnt get red?

Hey. Mange to grow some tomatoes, But my 2 strawberry plantes has problems. Alot of berries, But they are green and then just turn brown/Black and shrinks? Why? Ive done what was recommended in the tip section on app.

Thanks so much. Hope i Will be abld to save them!

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Hi @W1ll1eTheP1mp , welcome!

Sorry to hear that! Could you add a picture of your setup and plants. It would give us a better idea of what has gone wrong.
How old are the plants now and what has been the temperature range?


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Here are my plants🙂 some of them actually gets red!

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Hey Mirjam. :slightly_smiling_face: Ive uploaded pictures now. Can u take a look? Some off the berries have actually grown tall and starts to ripe /turn red.

I misunderstood the wateringlevel the 7 first weeks. Filled it so the floatant was not leveled with but WAY above the line… :see_no_evil: So i have definately overwatered very much! Do u think Thats the reason? Cause after adjusting it properly(found out on this forum), they starting to look like wild strawberries :grinning:

Last question: How do i trim the strawberryplants? Tried to google it but cant find any good explanation🙂

My 2,5 year old daughter love the Click & Grow! Its funny to watch and follow they grow🙂

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Hi @W1ll1eTheP1mp

Thank you for adding all of those pictures, your setup looks so nice :star_struck:

Yes, Wild Strawberry does not react well to overwatering, but as now I see the leaves of your plants, in general, it looks very healthy. It seems that excess water in the tank has not harmed the roots.

You are on the right track, trimming leaves would help the fruits to mature faster. Here’s a short video how to take care of wild strawberry, that also includes trimming leaves. As you trim the leaves in full length the fruits receive more light and that speeds up maturing. App should recommend doing so on day 55 to 89.
The little tomato plant would also benefit from more light.

Thanks for your reply! The first 3 berries are ready know i think🙂 i tooked the chance and trimmed it the best i could. Removed the yellow/dry leaves. I Just cut of the leaf itself and bit the whole stem. . Does this look good? I also extended the light with the last extended so it will get more light.

What do i do with the berries that had turned Grey earlier? Should i let them be or cut them of? Should i stake them so the plants face more upwards? What do i do to increase the lifespan and make it continue to flower? Im totally green when it comes to grdening and plants, But its extremely rewarding​:grinning::+1::see_no_evil:

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? :slightly_smiling_face: What do you think? :slight_smile:

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@W1ll1eTheP1mp , I think you did a very good job and those fruits must be ready to be harvested. :strawberry:

Wild strawberry will continue flowering, so it is very ok to cut out those fruit stems that have fulfilled their purpose, as you did with the leaves.

It would probably make sense to use just one lamp arm, not two, so that the light would shine straight on the plants. But, it is up to you and how it feels best :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks:) im gonna take off one light extender. Its only 2 berries to harvest😂 But it will probably be more after a while? I regret that i didnt do 3 wild strawberries instead of 2. So i cut of the bottom of the stem Where the fruits have fulfilled their purpose and the same with old leaves?

Thanks for helping me:)

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