Wild Strawberry leaves wilting


I’m new to gardening and my strawberries are starting to grow, but my leaves are wilting. My water is filled until the bobber is level. Any recommendations to help bring these little plants back to a happy bushy state?

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Hi @YellowThumb

your Wild Strawberry looks nice and healthy. It is fine to trim back some larger leaves and leaves that die back. Here’s a video how to take care of a wild strawberry.

Have you been pollinating the flowers?

Hello @Mirjam ,

Yes, I have been pollinating the flowers with a paint brush and I have trimmed some of the leaves.

The plant does ok until berries come in. The stalk the berries grow on seems to shrivel and then almost every berry dies. I’ll be taking off the arm with the dead leaves (in the pic), the goal is to keep the strawberry so I can get one to turn red.

I trim the stalk, then the process starts again. Meaning, I get flowers, pollinate, start to see berries, stalk shrivels…

Any recommendations?