Strawberry Plants Dying

Hi there, I had a really great first harvest with my wild strawberries, but since then afterwards, a lot of the new and old leaves and stems of other growing strawberries have been dying or wilting. The fruits have shrunk and dried up. I removed the dying/dead leaves for now. Is there a specific way to harvest? Is there anything else I need to do for them to grow normally again?

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Welcome to the community @hpt111

How old are the plant pods now? Could it be that it is reaching its lasts up to date and the pods start to degrade slowly? If its less than four months since planting it please go over plant care tips on the product page or app, or check out this tutorial on how to take care of Wild Strawberry.

If so, Wild Strawberry plants are suitable to plant outdoors after the time in a smart garden is over. For that just remove old leaves and debris, break the soil gently and plant it outdoors or in fresh gardening soil. As a perennial, it will regrow and come again even in hardy climates.

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I got it at the end of December, and it only started ripening a few weeks ago, so it should still be fine. I saw the note that sometimes after the first harvest that some leaves might die? Is there a specific way to harvest the strawberries? I didn’t realize people took their plants out of the smart garden, is that the intent for perennial plants?

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Yes, it is normal for strawberry that some leaves die back as the pod matures, feel free to cut such leaves back in full length, like in this tutorial video. Removing some larger and older leaves also helps light to reach the inner part of the pod, so that the berries could also mature.

As wild strawberry is a perennial, it is optional to replant it outdoors. It will come again even in hardy climates.