How does this strawberryplants look like?dark berries?

Hey! How does my plants looks like?so much flowering these days and some of the fruits is growing big. But some flower is also getting dark. The green berry turns darker colored like on my pictures. I water the as i should and the temperature is from 19C - 28Cduring the day.

@Mirjam can u please take a look?:slight_smile:


Hi @W1ll1eTheP1mp

Approved! Your plants look actually very nice and so do berries. They would just need some time to reach their full size, even though the full size is still super tiny compared to a garden strawberry. It will turn paler before it matures. If the base of the flower is completely dark brown then it was probably just unsuccessful pollination and may be removed by you.

Meanwhile, you may remove some of the tallest leaves so that the berries and the inner part of the plant would get more light.

What worries me is how the float is slightly above the garden lid. Make sure you will not overwater the garden, Wild Strawberry is sensitive to overwatering and once the roots are damaged by excess water and even rotten the entire plant will start to degrade prematurely. Also, as it is a smart garden 3, make sure the float itself is empty and indicates the correct water level.

Should the floatant be flush with the surface? Not above,but flush??I’m aware of the floatant, so I check that it is empty regularly. I’m on my way home now. I will also remove the biggest leaves. I was unsure of that since they are still green,:slight_smile: Thanks for awesome help! I have one more question if it’s okey, but I need to pick up the pots at post office first,:grinning:

tor. 3. jun. 2021, 12:34 skrev Mirjam M. via Click & Grow Ask a Gardener <>:

Hi, yes, the float should be leveled with the garden lid.

You may remove some leaves now if you find that it’s blocking the light. Other than that it looks very promising to yield nicely, it just needs some time now, let nature take its course.

Feel free to post your questions in the forum, we are happy to help!

@Mirjam Hey again, here you can see my plants now,after some time. ALOT of berries seems to dry out and turn very dark. Of 20 flowers(at least) thats been polinated,only 5 grows bigger. Everything else is turning dark. Why? I have also removed the whole click and grow garden from where it stood on top on a cabinet (prob to dark)and now to the window(to hot?).

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Hi @W1ll1eTheP1mp

It may feel after pollination that the growth has stunted, but I would give it some time to adjust and form the fruits. As there are a lot of tiny seeds on the surface of the immature fruits, it may seem too dark colored and even hopeless, but initially, nothing happens overnight. If the fruit truly turns black and falls off it might be so due to bad timing or insufficient pollination. Or, if the plant is stressed, but yours look really healthy.

It might have been a smart move to place it closer to the window to provide more sunlight. What is the temperature range there? If it’s not tropical it will probably do more good than harm. :strawberry:

Thanks again @Mirjam! I’m I think something must have happened in the pollination process. They just turn brown to very dark brown. Should i just cut of the stems of these? Idk what i do wrong, since i already had the first berry that was ready today(my almost 3 year old girl loved it :two_hearts:). I pollinate the flowers the same way. Using a brush and brush gently for 3-4 secs.

Do i cut of the stems of those who have turned to this color?