Strawberry flowers not producing fruit

Hi Click and Grow community!

Our 118 strawberry plant has been flowering and looks healthy but unfortunately none of the flowers have produced any fruit. Anyone else has a similar problem?
Thank you!

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Hi @Toorcam,

It is lovely to see that there are so many fruit stems though and also some fruits are already forming.

What is the temperature range there and have you been pollinating the flowers?

It is recommended to thin the seedlings to two per pod after germination. It seems atm that the plant pod is crowded and the roots may be struggeling to support the plant with much needed nutrients.

It may help though to remove some of the withered and older largest leaves so that the light could reach to the forming fruits.

My strawberry plant has produced many fruits. I began pollinating them by rubbing a soft paint brush over the flowers all over. I eventually moved mine outside where the bees have taken over pollination. It started producing inside for me.


Thank you for your responses! Actually the one started to take more of a strawberry shape shortly after. I have been pollinating different ways (from tap to brush) for like a month, but all of them have died until now. It does look crowded, so that might be it. Initially I thought I pollinated them to aggressively. The temperature ranges from 70 to 77 Fahrenheit. For cutting old stems, you have to do from base right?