Thinning Busy lizzie + and my overall sg3

Hi there, im new here and i have just bought my sg3 16 days ago , so now im on day 16 with my “wild strawberries - busy lizzie - green lettuce”

I have a question about the busy lizzie , should i thin it? I mean i can see 3~4 seedlings growing in the same pod , is it ok to grow that much in one pod? Or should i transplant and leave only two or one? + i have noticed a little green algae not much but a little bit just in the busy lizzie pod , is that okay to leave it there?

pic :

And this is my overall sg3 16 days old (temp 68~73) d

Hello! Welcome and thank you for sharing your garden with us:)
Busy Lizzie does not need thinning. Only plants that need thinning are tomatoes, strawberries, chilies and peppers. If thinning is not mentioned in the plant care tips for the plant, then it is not required. You can find plant care tips on the product listings on as well as on our App too.