Strawberries (lettuce :) ) growing like crazy

This is one sprout from the wild strawberry. Should it be thinned?

Hi @GaryL!

Looks that there is a mix-up in your garden. That is not a wild strawberry, it’s lettuce. Wild strawberry needs thinning indeed but lettuce doesn’t require thinning.
How high is your lamp? Light is focused in the middle- I assume no extensions are used?
If so, Sg9 is meant to be used with one pair of extensions from the germination to the harvest.

You are correct. I had them flipped around. If I add the extension for the Wild Strawberries that will mess up the rest of the garden??

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One pair of extensions is ok for all the plants. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I see Wild Strawberries starting. Are they really small? Do they get thinned too?

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Yes, leave 1-2 seedlings per pod. I have had more strawberry fruits when there is only 1 seedling per pod.
Here’s a tutorial how to thin out extra seedlings as recommended.
And in general, how to take care of wild strawberry plant pods.

Happy growing!

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