Tips on thinning


Received my SG9, and planted a variety of pods. 3 lavenders, 2 lettuces, 2 basils and 2 thymes.

My question is, where do I find how much I have to thin the pods? The lettuce have about 5 or 6 sprouts, which I assume I only have to let 1 grow?

Cannot find this info on the app nor on the plant care pod pages on the store.


Hi and welcome,

Lettuce is recommended to cut all at once, we have been cutting a few leaves at the time by the base and it works fine.
Basil cut just above the two true leaves and it will grow up again.

Lettuce pods don’t actually require thinning. Thinning is only required for plants that say so in plant care tips! (tomatoes, chilies, strawberries)

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Thanks a lot to both. Then I’ll know to trust the tips. They just seemed so many :slight_smile:

You can definitely trust the tips. If there is something that is not quite clear- please let us know here in Gardeners forum.