Thinning plants


I have tomato plants and they have already been growing for 5 weeks. I noticed that thinning is required for tomatoes, but my plants are much bigger than in the video guide

Should I still thin my plants when they are already older? Will they survive?

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Photo please. Only way to see!

it is best to thin when first true leaves appear. It might be too late to thin your 5 weeks old plants, but to say that for sure I would need to see how large the plants actually are. All plants have probably taken over the soil and it would be quite difficult to get them out.
If it is just 2 plants per pod- it will be more or less ok. 3 is simply too much.

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You can see the plants here:



These plants can be thinned very well. Good time!
I would use scissors to cut the other plants off - this way you don’t damage the roots of the remaining one.

If the tomato plants were smaller they would be perfect to be just pulled out. By doing so the remaining part of the plant in the soil would not disturb the remaining plants.
Chili is in a perfect size for thinning at that previous picture.


Do I need to thin my tomato’s and lettuce plants?

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Hi @Gubby23, Welcome to the community!

Yes, tomato plants require thinning, so that the one plant could thrive.
On the other hand, Lettuce does not require thinning.

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Happy growing!