Newbie Here - Basic questions

Hi there! Super excited about my new garden. I got the one that holds 9 pods for Christmas - and have Romain, Green leaf and tomatoes started. It’s only been a week and while super excited, just have a few questions:

  • Been reading about thinning. So for what I have, the only thing I’d need to thin is the tomatoes, right? All of my romaine pods already have several coming in but didn’t know if I needed to thin those.
  • At what point do you take the dome off? Some of my lettuce is just barely touching, so was assuming I should take off now.
  • Do you ever take off the U rings?
  • As far as lettuce goes, so once the plant is full grown and ready to harvest, is that pod finished? Or can you harvest the leaves you will use and have it keep growing?
  • In general, what is the life of a pod? Like one harvest? Or same for flowers, could you potentially have them for years in there?
    Thanks for your help! Super excited to click and grow.
  1. Thin tomatoes to 1 per cup, leave the lettuce and basil to grow uninhibited.
  2. You can take them off once the leaves are touching the domes, or if they are getting close to touching. The point is to assist with germination so once the plants are growing strong there’s no need for the domes anymore.
  3. Nope, leave the U rings on! It slows the growth of mold and prevents the soil from drying out.
  4. You can gradually harvest the lettuce from the outward leaves between 25-40 days as an alternative to harvesting the whole plant after a month. But eventually the pod will need to be thrown out (replanting in a pot won’t work).
  5. This really depends on the plant. I suggest installing the Click and Grow app since it contains a lot of helpful information. All this information is also available on the website, but the app allows you to track the age of your pods and can give tips for when it’s time to do certain things, like thinning and stuff.
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