Busy lizzy, weird?

This is my busy lizzy pod , its day 36 and i haven’t thinned or trimmed any as i was in a vacation for 18 days , i have noticed that one seedling is dark green while the other seedling is much more lighter green , is that normal? Or is it just lack of nutrition because of the “no thinnnig/trimming” ?
(Maybe its more than two seedlings i will take another picture when i get back showing how many is there in the pod)

The darker the leaves the better. Your plant looks fine to me.
And I do like busy lizzie a lot too :slight_smile:

Thank you :blush::+1:t2: Cant wait till it flowers :hibiscus:

It looks healthy to me. The thing is that you have several different plants growing in that one pod. Plants with dark red flowers tend to have darker leaves and plants with pale flower are sometimes much lighter. Busy Lizzie is a mix coloured plant pod, it will surprise you.