Wimpy Busy Lizzies not thriving

Hi! I repotted my busy lizzies, maybe too soon, but they were starting to blossom and reached the top of my grow light. At that point things went downhill. Don’t know if it’s cuz I did a poor job transplanting and shocked them or what, but 2/3 seem to be surviving but one is really not likely to make it. The stalks seem incredibly delicate and wimpy. The leaves brown and droop quickly and I’m just not sure if I’m overwatering or giving them too much sunshine or not enough. I’ve tried letting them dry before watering and also putting them in part shade which seemed to help but maybe it’s too late. Can you take a look at these photos and tell me if there is any hope?

Hi @Tesdaydreamer!

In which product they were growing (Sg3 or Sg9)? What’s the room temperature?
Firstly I notice that there is no drainage (there is no hole under the pot), which may have caused overwatering.
Also, they need a lot of light to make flowers, it seems that it’s too dark for them to flourish.
In my opinion, there is still hope, if the room temperature is optimal, there is drainage hole, regular watering scheme and enough light.

Hi! Yes, there is a drainage hole in the pot and a little saucer to catch the water. The water drains well. Should I put them in a window with direct sunshine? I don’t have many windows that get that during the day :disappointed:the click and grow currently has other occupants. The temp is just room temp, it is winter here though so the room is about 72-74degrees most days.


Could you send us a closer and more detailed picture of these spots on your Buzzy Lizzie upper leaves?
Filtered sunshine would be better to avoid leaf burn. Try to water regularly- the soil should not dry out too much or be constantly wet.

Does this help? I’ve tried grouping them together since they seem to like it better when I put them in a box for some reason. Pretty sure they’re not getting over or under-watered based on soil checks


Unfortunately, it seems like there is a fungal issue on your Busy Lizzie leaves- downy mildew. Putting them in the box together will even make downy mildew spread even more. You can try limiting the disease by very good airflow. Any strategy that reduces water, leaf wetness and relative humidity will help limit downy mildew. It is quite complicated to get rid of it as it’s not recommended to use any fungicides indoors. I would give it couple of weeks and if it does not get any better, it would be better to start again.


We would like to see a closer picture of those white spots on the leaves.

Thank you for your reply. I have separated them and placed them on my patio today as we have mild lovely weather in the 70s today and I’m hoping they will bounce back :crossed_fingers:t2:
Will cinnamon do any good? This was something I was encouraged to use when they were in the click and grow as they had mildew from the start. Is there any type of replacement policy on the plants or is this my fault? I feel like I’ve tried everything :cry:

Hi! I think cinnamon was recommended to prevent mold on the soil. In this case, there is no help of cinnamon. Unfortunately, the replacement policy applies only to plants that grow in CG product (in CG soil).

Yes I transplanted these from the CG soil some time ago when they crowded each other out and outgrow the unit. They had the mold on them at that time and I was concerned part of the problem was the moisture then. I only ever got one blossom and contacted CG some time ago to ask what would help after transplanting. Hope I do better with my cornflowers!