Busy lizzie plant started dying

We have planted Busy Lizzie plant pod on 31 January 2019. Almost 50 days old plants.

One of the plant is almost dying - pls see the middle plant in the first picture and for the other 2 plants they have blooms but then the flower does not open up it dies down… and wilt.

Please help me to figure out what could be the problem ?
Here are the picture of the plants -

Hi @Manisha

Busy Lizzie in sensitive to warm temperatures- what is the temperature range at where you are?

It concerns me that the float is higher than it should be. Has it been always higher that the garden lid? If the soil is over watered, the cup will be filled with excess water and the roots don’t get enough air and start to rot and plant dies.
Please, take a look at the roots and let me know what colour they are.
Meanwhile, I would recommend to remove excess water from the tank and cup. Allow the plant pods to solidify for at least a few days. Then add some water and monitor plants, if new growth appears in a couple of weeks.

I hope you find this helpful!

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Hi Mirjam,

Thank you very much for your quick reply J

In India – Pune we have just in the beginning of summer- temperature range is 16 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius… Nights are cold and days are getting hotter…

There was a few drops of water directly in the cup and we have removed it and reduced the water level considerably – I am attaching here the picture of the roots.

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Thanks for adding the picture!

The roots look white and healthy, so the problem is not with roots at all.

Unfortunately, Busy Lizzie is heat sensitive and does not germinate and grow well if temperature reaches 30C.

If possible, place it in somewhat cooler room and continue filling the tank as you would normally do, but never allow the float rise higher than the lid of the garden.

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