Petunia and Busy Lizzie growth


Greetings !

My petunia was really doing well for some time – but in couple of days it started wilting so rapidly that now its looking almost finished… The picture i am putting is when the plant is 50 days old

and one more image plant age - 68 days - the petunia plant care has mentioned that it will last for about 4 months…

Busy lizzie - has been slow but started flowering - it was also planted at the same time -August last week… Its doing okay but last few days - buds are coming but when flowers bloom immediately the next day they drop down… or start wilting and fell…

plant age 68 days

please help me out if i am missing something… Location India Pune. Temp day time 30-32 degree C. and night time around 20-25 degrees C…

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Thank you @Manisha for the update!
It is good to see that your flower plant pods have done quite well until now.
Your Petunia leaves (yellowish leaves) are showing signs of nutrient deficiencies too early indeed. It is difficult to say whether the nutrients are not released properly or plants have used up their plant food too early. You can relieve the problem if you remove all withered flowers with the flower stem, so that the plant would not have to use energy to grow seeds. This will also encourage forming new flower puds. On the second Petunia picture there is another problem. Such fast drying of leaves is usually related to root problems. Though, it seems that only one plant in that particular pod is suffering for some reason. I would cut it back strongly and give it some time.
Your Busy Lizzie looks healthy and there are young flower pods visible. This plant does not do well usually in hot climate at all, and it is probably the hotness during the day that is causing the wilting too fast. So, probably, the temperature fluctuation is encouraging the plant to grow nicely after all.


Thanks Mirjam for your reply :slight_smile: I have removed all the withered flowers…
Looking forward to rejuvenating the plants…

Warm Regards