Busy Lizzies not so happy


I’ve got a new wall garden growing nicely but while almost all my plants are doing well (Lavendar, Cornflowers, Cilantro, Thyme, Dill, Oregano, etc.) my Busy Lizzies are pretty woeful. Out of ~15 plans 3 are very small and the rest have either failed to sprout and developed a lot of algae around the top of the soil which gets sunlight or have started and quickly died, e.g.

Any thoughts on what went wrong? Wicks are normal, water wasn’t over the max marker at any point and lighting ran as expected, planted 3.5 weeks ago. Happened on multiple different shelves. Apartment is kept at 73F / 24F.


Sad to see. I assume there must be a faulty plant pod or seed. I’m pretty sure you can have them replaced by our support!

I would love to see your overall garden!