My garden is not growing as fast and full as it should

Hello fellow gardeners! I have seen pictures of others gardens and mine is looking very small in comparison, specially the basil. I am attaching a picture of it, most plants are 56 days old, except the Rosemary (28 days) and the one covered is 18 (peppermint). I started with regular tap water and I changed to distilled water about 3 weeks ago. What can I do so my garden grows fuller and faster? Any tips are really appreciated.


I apologize but I laughed when I saw the picture of your garden, because it is the first time on this site that I see a garden that looks like mine (i.e. not great, no offence). I have been at this for more than a year now, and the yields I am getting from my plants are negligible.

I have had a bit better luck with chives and thyme, but like you, only one plant when I believe there are supposed to be 2-3 per pod. Arugula and mustard greens, I’ve never had more that a few (less than 12) juvenile leaves (not enough for even a tiny salad for 1). Basil grew OK only once out of the 9-12 pods I planted. Thai basil, maybe 12 tiny leaves, half off which are now turning brown. Pak choi never made it past a small sprout.

The temperature in my house meets all the correct criteria, the water is fine, but so far things have been pretty disappointing.

I hope someone in this forum can help.



Whats the room temperature?
Has float been higher than garden surface for a while?
Most of the plants look ok, but it really seems that some factor is inhibiting the plant growth speed. Let´s try to find out the reason.

I am a little worried about basil- leaves should be greener. Could you take out the basil soil and carefully make it in half from the bottom? There should be little granules in the bottom of the soil. If there are some granules- put it back to grow. If there are not- please contact with support team and send them (the same picture you sent here and also the picture of the soil made in half). They will replace the pod.

Could you answer for these questions to have a better overview of growing conditions.
I hope we can find some solution. Please, let us know how its going.



We are working hard to always have the best light, genetics and nutrients available in all Click & Grow plant pods. But clearly something is wrong here.

I can’t really tell, but maybe just trying again will yield better results. Your dwarf basil looks nice and that is also the easiest plant to grow. Also growing so many different plants in one garden may not be aesthetically the best option. I personally grow at most 3 species in one garden. The visual is just so much more uniform.

To really have an aesthetic garden, I would grow only petunia, dwarf basil or rosemary in a garden (yes, all 9 holes the same thing). It just looks good.

And then there is the higher power of the plant god - try again, talk to your plants, purify your mind from bad thoughts. It sometimes helps.

My first plants were not performing well also. But years of practice has made things better. Can’t explain.

Thank you all for your responses. Overall my garden has improved but I am still worried about a couple of things. I will be opening my Basil soon as @Maret suggested (thank you!)

I believe that I started pruning very early and may have damaged the basil. That is another theory anyway.

I also started to used distilled water instead of tap water and looks like it is helping. I am also using some cinnamon to help fight algae and mold. Overall the last plants appear to be growing very good, with the exception of some blackening on my oregano, tomato and dwarf basil leaves.


You basically cannot cut your basil too early. So your cuts are good.
And yes, in some places distilled water does miracles.
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