After 8 weeks, Basil growing strong but Thyme and Rosemary is not

Hi, I got a click and grow 3 a few weeks ago. My Basil is growing very well. But my thyme and rosemary is struggling. What should I do?

The Rosemary especially looks very sad and flops over.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us @red_aurum :green_heart:

The main reason for this happening can be explained through plant information, which can be found on the product page or on Click and Grow official mobile app. If you go over plant information, you will learn different plants grow in different speed, they can be harvested in different time span, and also the techniques of how to harvest varies.
If this rosemary is really three weeks old- you are very fortunate to have that kind of speedy germination and growth! I will add some views here of how three weeks old basil and rosemary looks like on the app.
If you start using the app now, you can change the date of the start while you are adding the plant. Just choose a garden, add your plant pod to it, and before pushing done, you can edit the plants’ name and start date.