My first lesson with salads and herbs

I’m new to indoor planting. Lately I bought 2 planting station of Smart garden 3 and waiting my first harvest now. Room temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.
23 days have passed and Arugula is today 8 cm high, Romaine Lettuce 6 cm - looks like these 2 are doing well. Parsley 4 cm, perhaps also ok.

  1. Basil and Thyme are after 3 weeks only 1 cm high. Should I keep these and wait?

  2. Worst is Thai Basil - in 20 days there appeared only 2-3 mm sprouts which dried and I replaced Thai Basil with new pod.
    All pods have hole in middle about diameter of 1.5 cm and 2 cm deep. There looks like a bluish seed in the bottom of hole. Should I cover this hole with growing soil? Isn’t 2 cm too deep for Thai Basil to grow normally?

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Hello @Thymer

Good to have you! Seems to be great growing conditions to start with.
If you don’t see anything suspicious then the plants are doing okay, sometimes they are slower than others. Best to be patient.
These blueish seeds are basil seeds. They have this mucilaginous coat when they are wet. Do not cover the seeds of basil, they are good to go.
Maybe there was some other problem with these, maybe you have some pictures of the problematic plants? :slight_smile: