Do these plants seem short for 40 days growth?

Put in seed pods day or two after Christmas. Not sure what to do with the lettuce—keep growing or pull off some leaves? Not sure how tall tomatoes are supposed to be at this point–I did prune them (removed extra plant stalks). Basil is bushy but short. I watched the video about how to prune but the basil in the video seemed much taller. Temperature in house is fine. Thanks.

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the growth is pretty decent for 40 days.

Well done by thinning tomato. Lettuce is usually ready for the first harvest in three weeks after planting.
What you need is timed plant care tips, given by the app. Please note that a new version will come out soon, but you can register your garden and plants, as you start the new round.
Meanwhile, please use the online version
It gives a bit less information than the app but it is just as informative for you.

Thank you Mirjam. I am not a gardener so I guess I need basics. Should I be pruning the basil when it’s this short? I looked at instructions for each plant but they don’t really tell you when to do what (at least for someone who has no idea what they’re doing).

Hi again,
What do the instructions mean when they say “harvest the whole plant pod?”

It’s a god time to start harvesting your basil, leave the first true leaves and soon you will have a second harvest.
True leaves are the first two leaves from the bottom and up, cut just above.

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I am still new at using C&G. I planted my basil about 2 weeks ago with signs that the seeds have germinated. I will admit that I am a bit disappointed if this is all of the growth to be expected at 40 days. This is approximately half of its lifespan (about 90 days) if I am correct.

It is the way of nature… even if plants grows in a Click and Grow garden it is still factors that can affect the growth, such as indoor climate, water or lack of it and probably natural light.

My thai basil and curly parsley did really well this autumn but the next batch planted in November grew a lot slower and the thai basil didn’t do well at all, my guess is that even with an indoor temperature it was probably to close to a big window which caused it to be a bit chilly and maybe it had done better with more sunlight.

After all it is still plants and all organic and plants often have a season or a cycle.

Guess it is a learning curve to figure out type of plants one will find most use of and what season they will grow best in your home.