Mixing Pods and Adjusting Light Arm

This is my first rodeo, so I loaded up the C&G with a basil, green lettuce, and lavender in that order, from the arm. Now I wonder about adjusting the arm – the lettuce is getting close to the lights, but the guidance for the basil in the app seems to say, don’t raise it. Did I make a mess? Also, is there an ideal order in terms of plant height. Right now the lavender is tiny but the lettuce and basil are getting big. Advice!?

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Hi @katiabachko!

Please let us know which smart garden are you using and possibly add a picture of the setup.
It’s possibly time to harvest your lettuce. It tastes the best when it’s about 5 weeks old, depending on the room temperature.
I would recommend following ‘last up to dates’ on the app or on the product page, to consume plants in time when they are most delicious. Video how to harvest lettuce: Garden To Plate: How To Harvest Green Lettuce - YouTube
Basil probably also needs harvesting. Here is a video on how to do it: How-To Prune Basil So It Lasts For 90+ Days! - YouTube
Raising a lamp too high will make plants grow leggy and floppy. Also, they do not taste as good when ‘last up to date’ has passed.
It’s easier to grow about the same growth speed plants next to each other to avoid slower plants not getting enough light.
Happy growing! :slight_smile:

Hello! Thank you sooo much for your response. I’m too new on the board to post photos it seems, but I have a 3 pod garden. The plants are just three weeks old – so maybe I’ll give a little longer? When you say five weeks old, is that five weeks from germination, or from planting? And, how do you figure out “growth speed” for plant pairings so that I do a better job next time?


You can find every plant growth speed (sprouting time and last up to date) on the website, under the plant care information: Basil Plant Pods for Click & Grow Indoor Herb Gardens – Click & Grow EU. In Sg3, I would grow 3 same species at the same (3 lettuces, 3 basils, or 3 lavenders), it makes harvesting easier. App is also helping to notify when it’s time to start harvesting. ‘Last up to date’ is from planting to harvesting.
Let us know if there are any other questions.