Sprouting/thinning basil and coriander?

This time I’m very focused to get this right once and for all. I really want big and healthy plants atleast once! :slight_smile:
Looking at the “happening now”-box on the basil it says there are no limit on seedlings per pod. I belive that means no thinning required.
On the corriander I can’t se any information about this and my pod now has 3 seedlings. Should I remove any?
My second basil pod has no signs of seedlings yet. Should I let it stay much longer than the 14 days if nothing is happening or is that age sort of an “upper limit” when nothing more will happend?
My room is within the recomended growing temp.

8 days old:

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Your plants are looking good so far!
There is no need to thin basil and coriander. It is mostly important for fruiting plants (tomato, chilli, sweet pepper and wild strawberry).

About your second basil pod- it sometimes happens that sprouting takes longer (up to 14 days for basil). But if nothing happens in that time then make sure you contact with support team. You can try to peak into and on the top of the soil- can you see any seeds? They should be visible.

Good luck with your plants and let us now how its going!

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I do see something looking like seeds so I guess we’ll see in a weeks time then :slight_smile:

Still nothing with the second basil… Those are seeds right?

I know pruning basil is important to make it big, but what about corriander? Does that need pruning?


These are definitely basil seeds. However 14 days is too long for basil. I would try again.
Coriander imho does not require thinning. only continuous consumption.

By the way. We are currently working on a LOT of new plant care videos. Hope these will help you.
Available via the Click & Grow app ASAP.

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Thanks. The basil that did sprout is now taller than they have ever been in my garden, but the coriander is still low and slightly “bushy”. Replaced the failed basil with a new chili that looks good at age 12 :relieved:

Cool. Looking forward to them :slight_smile:

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Hi, Im just a newbie, 4 days in to growing my own plants with Click & Grow 9. I saw you wrote about some videos. Are they available? I just checked my app and dont see videos there. Would be awesome to see some plant care videos.

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Hi, welcome to the community!

Plant care videos become visible on the app when they are most relevant according to the plant pod age. So, if it is time to e.g. thin seedlings, a timed tip that recommends doing so becomes visible along with the link to the video.
Atm, not every timed tip comes with a video, but most crucial videos are available.

If you are excited to see some of these videos now, please go to Click and Grow official channel. More videos will be added shortly.

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