Moldy seedlings vrs root hair

My basil plants just sprouted and are covered with fuzz-like a fungus. I have done everything according to the directions. Should I take off the plastic domes? The seeds have just sprouted but no leaf is visible and it’s been over a week since set up.

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Basil sprouts may contains tiny white hairs. It could be what you saw to be like fungus (it really looked like fungus), but is actually the hair (or root) of the plant.

I encountered “white stuff” on the basil sprouts before and examined them under high magnification and found out that it’s just the plant hair (or root?).

For the dome, can wait until the plant hit the dome then remove it.

There’s no need to remove it too early.


Could you post a picture of your plants?

i dont know how to do so. just image fuzzy seedlings that have
not even emerged

If I have an email address
I can send it

I seem to have the same problem. I’m new to the Smart Garden and just received it 5 days ago. The cilantro seeds seem to be growing some mold/fungus so I’m not sure if these will germinate or are ruined.
Attaching a photo of the cilantro seeds. Please let me know if I’m mistaken about this being mold.

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Dear @Uma, welcome to the community!

Your case with coriander is very different from how basil sprouts. Your coriander seeds are covered with mold indeed, but I would give it some time to sprout. Coriander usually does not mind some mold on its seeds. If it has not sprouted in 14 days after planting, definitely tell the support about it.

Thanks for the prompt response, Mirjam!
I’ll try and be more patient and wait for 14 days and hope these sprout then :slight_smile:


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We’ve now watched our plant babies grow for 13 days and the mould on the cilantro seeds seems to be getting worse and one of the mini tomato pods is not germinating either. It actually doesn’t look like the usual tomato seeds in there like the other 2 pods that have sprouted.

Basil is the only one where all 3 sprouted.

Attaching some photos.


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Really sorry to see that the situation has not improved.

Definitely let the support know about coriander and tomato and also please add the same pic to the ticket you sent to me. We have the policy to replace faulty plant pods for free.

Meanwhile, a pro tip. As you have two tomato seedlings in one pod, feel free to transplant that extra seedling to the mini tomato soil that did not sprout. It is recommended to thin extra seedlings out anyways. You can read more about plant care and receive timed tips via app.



Thank you! Yup, I’ve transplanted the mini tomato plant and now have all 3 tomato pods growing. Only the coriander is still in bad shape. Sent details over to support.

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Ok, well done! If you don’t hear back from the support in a few days, let me know, I’ll notify them on your behalf.

There is a little backlog, first reply may take 2 days.

Kind regards,