When to clip my basil

I recently received my clip and grow as a gift. I’m a complete newbie. My question is, how long will the basil grow? What do I do when it’s reached maturity? Clip it all and replant? Should I order new pods, to have on hand? I have tried to research these questions and can’t seem to find any answers. Thankyou!

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Hi @Misslissa and welcome to the community!

You can find all the information about any plant on the app or on the product page.

Basil plant pods usually last for three months, depending on the care. Usually, you can do the first cut in about a month after planting it. The first cut will be your first harvest, but as you will snip off the top of the plant it also promotes new growth and the plants will become bushier over time. Here’s a tutorial how to take care of your basil.

You can order new pods from the online store clickandgrow.com, there is also a subscription offer available.

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to get back to us!

Happy growing!

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