When should I start pruning my basil

Hello. When should I start pruning my basilimage

Hi, it seems your basil is about one month old, so it is perfect time to start harvesting/cutting if you want to get more produce out of it. Every stem you cut off will have two new ones.
There is actually a video how to do it: https://support.clickandgrow.com/hc/en-us/articles/216827328-How-to-cut-your-plants-

your plants are a bit younger than the plants in the video, so you can make even a lower cut and leave just one pair of true leaves to grow.

I did some marks on your photo. I hope this is helpful.


Right now is just perfect!

Great example, awesome!

Hi Mirjam. My basil is only 19 days old. I have prunned it today. Hope it grows well

Should I cut at similar places when my basil is already over 2 months olds? Or can I then pinch tips only?

You can always cut Lamiaceae plants. As long as you leave at least 1-2 pairs of healthy leaves growing.

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You can cut it back also when it is a bit over 2 months, it may not look pretty after cutting, but you’ll get one more harvest out of it until the plant food is used up.

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