Cutting herbs

Beginner here- how & when do i begin cutting my basil & parsley?


Cutting is fairly easy - get scissors or shears and watch these two tutorials before putting it into practice:
How to Prune Basil
How to Harvest Plain Parsley

Ps. For basil, it’s important to cut it below the growth nodes.
Ps. For parsley, cut off the larger outer leaves first with the whole stem.

There are many ways to harvest but it all depends on your needs.
One way is to harvest leaf by leaf or cut off the whole plant. Of course, we’d like to keep the plants alive as long as possible. That’s why it’s important to harvest plants frequently piece by piece with the right technique.

Usually, you can start harvesting herbs from 3-4 weeks after inserting the pods or a better measurement is when the plants are about 9-10 cm tall (3.5-4 inches).

That’s it! :slight_smile:

Soon you’ll be a pro!

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