Extension lamp use with multiple herbs?

New to C&G. “Tip” said not to use extension arm for basil, just to trim it back when it gets to the light. I’m growing parsley too, but did not get the same notification. Do I extend the arm for the parsley? Or does that get cut back too? Thanks

Hello @Gardenga

Happy to have you growing!

Trimming is the best thing you can do for basil because it will grow more shoots after trimming. :smiley: Use the trimmed shoots to garnish and when the plant grows a bigger mass - make pesto! Also, trimming prevents them from flowering and developing a bitter taste.
No need to raise the extension arm for these. Are you growing in Smart Garden 3 or Smart Garden 9?

If the plants are close to light it’s a sign to start harvesting them if you have not done that already. :wink: For parsley cut back the whole leaf stem, starting from the edges, it will grow new shoots from the middle of the plant.

Some YouTube guide videos on trimming and harvesting:

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