My thai basil and chives are barely growing

Hello! I’m planted my thai basil and chives almost six weeks ago but they don’t seem to grow… I also planted some cornflower and calundrium, they are doing better. I have my plants inside so the temp they’re at is around 20c. What can I do?

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Hi @rens6

Thanks for sharing.
Oddly, Cornflower and Calendula thrive, but basil and chives do not.
I could not find any sign of pests that would cause it. Has there been any pest problems previously?
As basil is also very pale, it seems it is missing nutrients (?) and that’s why I would assume it could be faulty pods. Anyway, I would recommend submitting a ticket to support and request a replacement.

Thanks for your answer! No, I havn’t seen anything crazy… I also don’t know how fast it shoult be growing?


Both Thai Basil and Chives are leafy herbs that should be ready for harvest in 35 - 84 days. You can always look for harvest info in the Click and Grow App or the webpage where harvest times are stated for all plant pods.

Sometimes the plants can take longer than said in the App or on the Click and Grow page, because it is nature :slight_smile: