What type of water is best?



I was wondering which is really the best water I can use to water my plants?
I’ve heard that aquarium water is good, rainwater is good, distilled water is good?
Which is best?


I’ve used tap water in the past and my plants have done well!


I guess it’s alright. But I would be very careful in places where tap-water is chlorinated.


I’ve also used tap water so far, there has been some limescale buildup but nothing too bad.


Can I use carbonated water or should I be as naruralistic as possible and collect rainwater from outside?
I’m confused
It doesn’t rain much here…
Why don’t you sell appropriate water? If you do, can I have a dicount code for that??


As I own an aquarium, I use aquarium water to irrigate my other houseplants. For the Click & Grow I would recommend distilled water.


After some research, I must conclude that distilled water is the best thing you can pour in your Click & Grow garden.

The plant pods include all necessary nutrients and minerals for plant growth. So the less minerals you provide with with irrigation water the better the results.

Rain water is great and low in minerals too, but may contain spores and other things which may make the tank look dirty.

So if you want a clean product, use the best fuel.


Hmm, perhaps CG can start to sell distilled water? Would be neat.


Distilled water is the only option for hydroponics. I think Click & Grow does not require so pure water. But it cant hurt. For sure.


All the grocery stores carry distilled water. If you need the water shipped, try Amazon or eBay.


Do you know how big is the difference of distilled water and deionized water?


After researching I have become a bit confused about the difference.

Distilled water is mineral free.
Demineralized (also called deionized) water is usually generated through by ion exchangers installations. This process does not remove 100% of the dissolved solids in the water, only most of them


If the tap water is drinkable it is also good for CG plants. I have always used tap water and it has been just fine for two years now. It works for me.


I guess from the plant perspective they Are both really good


As far as I know:

  • Distilled water - gained by evaporating and condensing water. Should be really pure.
  • Reverse osmosis purified water - water is pushed through a membrane. It is widely used for purification in laboratories. It’s clean, but not as clean as distilled water.
  • Deionized/demineralized water - that’s chemical purificaton using salts and resins. It might leave unwanted stuff into the water. But it is good for your washing machine :slight_smile:


I’d like to keep this simple - is there benefit in filling up my tea kettle and letting the chlorine etc evaporate (and cool) before watering my g9 garden?

…any other tips to reduce the calcium / limestone buildup etc?


I water my plants with the same filtered water—from a cartridge in a housing under the kitchen sink—that my cat and I drink and there’s never been a mineral build up on the soil.


Tap water has very different properties around the world.
But, if you are worried that some minerals may build up, there are two main options to reduce the risk of the wick being clogged up without treating the water:

  • make sure that you fill the tank that much, so about 2/3 of the wick is always is water (if the wick in water it will last longer and minerals will not build up so easily)
  • never leave the plant cavity empty, always plant new plant pods asap (by doing so the water is always flowing and minerals can not build up so easily).


One option to increase water quality is to let it settle in a bucket for a couple of days and then disregarding the bottom part of the bucket. Solids will precipitate to the bottom. Aquarium owners use this trick.