Best ph for water

What is best ph for water in CG?

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Are you planning to use tap water or any kind of treated water?

The pH of tap water can vary greatly from 5.5 to 9.5- depending on the origin of the water.
Best option would be 6.5 to 7. If the water is too alkaline it may clog up the wicks (wicks transport water to the soils) and you may need to clean the water tank more often.

I live in an area where the pH is ca 7.2 and it seems ok for the smart gardens that I have at my house.


Iā€™m thinking about using half tap water and half distilled water.
the water of my tap has a pH of 7.5 -7.8 with an EC value of 800-900 microsiemens, rich in calcium.
my idea is to bring the pH to 6.5 and the EC to 400 microsiemens.
I would like to know the pH value of the soil of CG capsules, does anyone know his PH?


Depending on what you are growing the pH in the pod should be in range from (5.5) 6 to 7.

You may dilute tap water with distilled water to lower the ph and EC. Also, this will prolong longevity of your garden.

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the soil in the capsules has a different pH depending on the seeds?
Is there a card with the indication of the pH of the various capsules?

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The pH of the tap water here is 7.8.

If I add 2ml vinegar to the tank the pH reaches around 6.2. Is it a good idea to continue doing so, i.e. adding vinegar to the tank to lower the pH below 7.0?