Plants Growth Rate



I wonder if CG plants grow at a standard outdoor garden rate, or do they reach full growth quicker than ordinary garden plants?



There is one blog post here that could be helpful.

Let me bring you also an example. Basil. It germinates in CG garden usually in 3 to 5 days, in outdoors it takes usually a week or two. You get first harvest in CG garden in 3 to 4 weeks after planting, as it starts to reach the light (one lamp arm) and you will have more harvests as long as the pod is viable. We don’t allow it to mature to flowering (as it would happen in outdoors quite easily), because then the taste would change to bitter and it will be inedible.


This is my experience, I live in Denver Colorado, USA. normally the humidity is very low between 8 and 20 percent. During the summer I keep the temperature inside the house between 70F and 72F.
I tried growing the little yellow tomatoes and little yellow peppers. They did not do very well till I took them outside. The tomatoes for sure and probably the peppers like much warmer temperatures and humidity. The humidity was not much of a problem as a spray bottle takes care of that. The temperature, and real sunshine make a big difference.
Before I grow anything else I need to see what the plant likes best. I may wind up using the C&G as a starter place then move the plants outdoors.


I start my fruiting plants (tomatoes, chilies) in Click & Grow and then transplant them to my greenhouse. Big planbts need more space. The SG9 is great for herbs and annual flowers.


Just curious, How do you "prevent it from maturing to flowering "?

You limit the nutrient amount such that it will be exhausted by a certain time(and the plant will die if remain in the pod), or you generically modify the plant?

If the plant is repotted, will it mature to flowering?

It would be interesting to know. Thanks.


You can prevent your herbs from flowering if you harvest/cut them occasionally, so that the plants focus on new growth and not on flowering.


Based on your reply, it appears that it is under the control of the gardener whether the plant flowers?

ok… because In your earlier message, you wrote “We don’t allow it to mature to flowering…”, it appears like the “we” is referring to C&G… suggesting that they design/control the plant to not flower… (by whichever means).


Yes, that really goes for basil mostly. We really rely on the plant care tips and it is upto the grower how and how often to harvest to prevent flowering. It is also ok to let it grow to maturity.
We don’t manipulate with the plant while the plant pod is produced.


48 hours, arugula or maybe romaine lettuce not sure if the kids managed to mixe it up.


It doesn’t look like the romaine sprouts that I had. Probably Arugula. :slight_smile:


Yes, pretty sure it is. Can see it’s two pods with romaine lettuce germinate. Amazing how quick it happens.