Hot Climate and plants never germinate



I am living in a hot and humid country like Singapore and I am getting really frustrated. I have tried planting three types of crop, Rosemary, Basil and Thyme. Out of the three crops, only one pod out of nine made it. I get mould all the time and despite scrapping the mould off the surface, the crop does not grow. Please help!


Really sorry to hear that.

How long have you been growing with C&G and what product are you using?

Rosemary, Basil and Thyme should grow just fine in hot and humid conditions. Rosemary though needs much more time to sprout than other species.

Though, you may encounter other problems with pods e.g. loose seeds. Can you see the seeds in the plant pods? These species that you mention have very tiny brownish seeds.

If you have waited for three weeks for germination to occur, definitely register your faulty pods here:
Add pictures.
We will replace your faulty pods for free!




I have been using it for at least 4 months now and I literally grow nothing out. Only one pod survived all odds! I am using the Smart Garden 3.

I can see some seeds at the top of the pods. So does that indicate that it is loose?

I have waited more than 3 weeks for germination and have already register faulty pods. What i want is for my plant to grow and not for them to replace me pods after pods.


Thank you for this reply. I understand your frustration.

If you see seeds in the little hole in top of the pod- it is a good sign. This means that seeds are in a right place.

Could you please describe your growing conditions and maybe add a pic or two of your garden. Hopefully together we can figure out why you are experiencing such a low germination rate.


@ Deborahh Very sorry to hear!
These plants should do really well in Singapore.

I wonder what kind of water are you using? Is it maybe chlorinated?
1 out of 9 is so bad, I think there must be something else than loss of seeds.

Also, a picture of your setup might give us clues.


@deborahh I understand the frustration! I’m living in Singapore too and so far 3 of my pods (strawberry, moss rose, tomato) haven’t germinated after 4 weeks. 1 of my tomato pod germinated but hasn’t flowered after 3 months :weary:


This was my first crop, I put too much water in the tank and the pods were mouldy. So as advised, I poured away the excess water and scrap the mould off. Did not work.


This is the recent one. Rosemary. Didnt manage to get a picture of my second crop.


Very bad!

The setup looks alright.
How about the water still?


The water level is according to the guideline. It’s always on par or below the indicative level.


It is really a puzzle for us.

It can’t be a temperature problem. Plants that you have been trying to grow are not heat sensitive- they actually favor warmth.

You first patch may have been rotten indeed, if the water level was really that high.

What about the water quality? Is you tap water generally ok and drinkable?

Rosemary though needs at least three weeks to sprout. How long has it been now?

I would like to encourage you to try again. I understand it is becoming frustrating, but it will be super rewarding once the plants start to grow.

Let’s figure out what is the problem, because that high failure rate is not normal and we would really like to learn what is causing this.


I used tap water. Singapore water can be drink off tap so I think that shouldn’t be an issue.

My rosemary should be at least two months and has yet to germinate. Same thing again, the pods seem to be rotten with mold growing on the pods.

It would be great if we can figure something out.


I discussed your problem with faulty pods with colleagues and it is difficult to detect what is actually limiting plant growth and germination.

I hope you are willing to try again with some plant pods that love warmth and grow fast. You mentioned you already registered your faulty pods, have you been offered replacements from C&G?


I’d like to approach this topic from a slightly different angle. While constant warm temperatures might be an issue for some plants, what about temporary extremes? Many of us like to keep their gardens in the kitchen where all the cooking takes place, so this might mean steam, heat, open flames, etc. How hardy are the plants? Can they survive temporary discomfort? Which plants are best for growing in such conditions? :thinking:


Hi.Just to share my experience growing strawberry in Singapore.

I only tried 1 pod, and plant it at the same time as mini tomato.

It took very very long to germinate… like… 3~4 weeks while the tomato sprouted relatively quickly… like 1~2 weeks.

It then sprouted after like 4 weeks and grow very very slowly for about a week. The tomato is about 10cm by then, I guess… It was about 1 year ago so can’t really remember.

Then, all of a sudden, the growth greatly accelerated and in the next 2 week it outgrow the tomato in terms of size…

It then began to flower. I tried pollinating manually and watch many of the guides…

But none of the flowers bear fruits.

Then the plant died.


Ahhh… Thats unfortunate…

I just brought my click and grow to my office (which has air condition 24/7) to test it out if its due to warm temperature. I planted the peppers about 2 weeks ago. So far one of the pods has sprouted. One is mouldy while the other one has nothing. I am scrapping the mould off, let the pod sit dry a little and try again. Hopefully this time works and can possibly conclude that Singapore’s weather is just too hot and humid for click and grow.


Lavender has not been germinating well since Nov 18. Soil has already been overgrown with algae and mold. Only 1 out of 3 pod managed to sprout, but growing in an awkward manner.

Condition of CG9
• Temperature: Approximately 29 to 32 °C
• Humidity: Approximately 70 to 75%
• Kept indoor at Bar Counter, not much air flow.


Yellow tomato did slightly better. 1 out of 3 pod managed to germinate and sprout. 1 fruit is seen, but leaves start drying up.

Condition of CG9
• Temperature: Approximately 29 to 32 °C
• Humidity: Approximately 70 to 75%
• Kept indoor at Bar Counter, not much air flow.


Parsley is doing the best, 2 out of 3 pods germinated. Though isnt growing fast, at least can see some progression.

Condition of CG9
• Temperature: Approximately 29 to 32 °C
• Humidity: Approximately 70 to 75%
• Kept indoor at Bar Counter, not much air flow.


I’m curious if you thinned your yellow tomato down to one sprout per pod? It looks to me that there are two plants in the yellow tomato pod. And some mold is ok in your plants. I scrape any mold off of the surface of the soil just because it’s unsightly. I also notice that you have a totally empty pod hole. I would make sure that you at least put the empty cup back in the hole. “Sunlight” and “stagnant water” aren’t exactly friends. Lol. The one lavender is looking really good. Consider cutting it while leaving a couple of pairs of true leaves on the stem. It will make the lavander more bushy and less stringy. :slight_smile: