Pod package shelf life

I was just wondering if there is a shelf life to the plant pods package. I live in Singapore where the weather is always hot and humid and I have several pods unopened. I have had some issues growing my pods and was wondering if the seeds may have had issues due to the time sitting in this humid weather without being put into the garden. Any thoughts?

The pods should last VERY VERY long in the plastic packaging so I’m not sure what the problem is but it shouldn’t be because of storing it for so long. What do you think the problem is @Mirjam?


your pods should be viable for two years. Would you please elaborate which plant pods are problematic in your smart garden?

If you have faulty pods, please let our support know and your faulty pods will be replaced.

Some plants are more sensitive to high temperatures than others by nature. It means they are not able to germinate or their growth is strongly limited.

Some of the pods I have had trouble with are Bloody Sorrel, Arugula, Romaine Lettuce, Busy Lizzie, French Marigold, Dwarf Basil and Basil. I know some of these don’t do well in high temperatures, but some are supposed to be fine in higher temperature/higher humidity climates. The reason why I asked the question is that the first batch of plants grew great. My second batch was still OK, but every batch since then has struggled, so I’m just trying my best to figure out what could have gone wrong. Will keep trying with those that do better in my climate. Support has been great, especially Ann, and I have received replacement pods for those that did not sprout. Which plant pods would you suggest I try next given my environment? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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For plant info (temperatures) just click the link

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I’ve got seeds that are from 1998 that still germinate. My dad dried them, wrapped in wax paper, put into a paper envelope and sealed it. I’ve been pulling seeds out of the envelopes every once in awhile and most will germinate. Of course I’ve also been savings seeds from the new produce. But if the pods are sealed and kept in a dry cool place, they can last a very long time.