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Hi fellow growers,

I have learned that the subscription that I have for my smart garden 9-s and plant pods has turned out to be quite useful. First I was a bit skeptical, as I was receiving all of those plant pods (maybe) too often. But, honestly, being homebound now, it feels pretty good to have a stock of plant pods at home. Still, it seems I need to learn more about planning ahead and how often I want to harvest greens and herbs.

How do you plan ahead, how often do you get new pods delivered? For how long do the plant pods stay good, does it have a best before date?

Thanks in advance and stay healthy!



I’m new to this, I have a garden (got it as a gift from my girlfriend and I guess I need new soils soon), so where do you get your plant pods from?


The subscription offer seems pretty decent, you can get a garden with it and they will continue sending pods or you can set it up just for plant pods, and still save money.

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thanks @Plantgirl_001,
I think I might need also another and larger garden :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re right, the subscription offer does seem pretty decent. Since I really do not wanna go out shopping unless, I really have to, it feels ok if it will be delivered to my home.
What if I stock up the refills, for how long are those good for?

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Hi @Peter,

Plant pods are good to use for two years. Just keep them away from moisture and away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures.
Also, if any problems occur and pods don’t sprout within the given time (info on the package and on the web/app), feel free to contact the support, faulty pods will be replaced for free.

Hello everyone!

I also find subscription useful. I have Sg27 at home and also one Sg3. In Sg27 i grow salads and other edible greens in rotation (about 1 plant per day) and it feels good that i always have a stock at home and i don’t have to worry about delivery times.

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