Is it ideal for me to plant the Smart Pod containing the seeds into my own Pot?

I only have 1 x C&G 9 unit and i brought it with the yearly subscription. So they gave me tons of different pods that i choose.

So in order not to add on to the pile, i was thinking of planting the smart pod straight into my household pots with potting mix instead. Anybody tried that? Is it an good idea to do so?


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It would probably work if you can keep it moist enough and ensure enough light for the seedlings to grow normally, as it would grow in a smart garden.

The plant pods are good for two years and you can manage your subscription, so don’t feel obligated to plant all of it now.

Hi, i tried planting all 3 lettuce pods into my soil. I just bury it in my potting mix but i leave the top and the center core exposed. All 3 germinated very well. :slight_smile:

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I just went ahead and tried it, quite good results I would say.