Do pods fit in Lettuce Grow?

My mother made a mistake and purchased a LettuceGrow for me instead of a click and grow for my birthday last year. LettuceGrow has significantly increased the cost to purchase their seedlings.

Can your pods be used in a LettuceGrow?

Thank you!

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Hello @Hezakiya

Great to have you! These things do happen. So funny how life is :smiley:
Really good question.
I can confirm that the Click and Grow plant pods are usable in that system. We have tried it and all different types of plant pods yielded nicely. Also works great with unseeded Experimental plant pods and self-sown seeds. We did try some bigger veggies too like cauliflower and eggplant. Just to point out that the plugs should be inserted dry and they will expand a little bit when the watering cycles start regularly. It’s fine that the plug looks kind of pressed in it. However, after harvest, the removal of the pod can be a little bit messy. As it is for all perforated cups with roots growing out of it. You may or may not add liquid fertilizer because the Click and Grow pods already have the fertilizer in them. We tried both.
I’d be really happy if you shared your experience with us after trying them out yourself.

I believe that growing my food is a big life improvement and brings so much joy. I’m happy that you are growing and looking for new options.
How do you like the hydroponic systems after one year of use?

Happy growing!

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Just one more extra tip.
If you use your own seeds then do not sow the seeds too deep because the seeds might not germinate when submerged in constant water. The other way is to pre-germinate the deeply sown pods for a week before inserting them into the device. Some of the deeply sown plants are lettuce and other greens. Most of the flowers and herbs should be fine to plug in cups straight from the package.

If Click and Grow pods are used in devices other than Smart Gardens or CG25 and Wall Farm, or they are not our partner devices then Click and Grow is not obliged to take responsibility for how the plant pods are being used or to replace them.


Great to see that you are also cross testing products with your seed pods and give also feedback in the forum about that. Another plus point for C&G from my point of view. But could you expand a bit on what you mean with this?

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Yes, absolutely.

Click and Grow joined forces with Urban Cultivator, you can explore more on their webpage: and more about the Mature Greens here: MatureGreens - Urban Cultivator

Click and Grow launched a new plant pod 30-packs for this Mature Greens extension.