Anyone tried the ēdn SmallGarden pots in the Click & Grow?


Looks like the ēdn SmallGarden concept is very similar to the Click & Grow, but they have less plants to chose from. optically I prefer the Click & Grow 9 over their 10 pot garden (C&G seems to be easier to maintain). But their idea to have HomeKit integration, rather than using a dedicated app… is something interesting.

But it would be interesting to know if their pots work in the C&G system.

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Ok more info n that matter.
They do have an app, similar to the Click&Grow. Getting notification about low water levels is actually useful. But still the right water level depends on the environment we are in :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

In regards to the pods. They are interchangeable! I managed to swap a pod with a friend and the Click&Grow is growing in the other garden. And so does a pot from the other system in my garden.
The lack of the dome doesn’t have an impact on the initial grow rate.

Also the pots for the other system come in larger packages (5 pods vs our 3 pods).

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ok here are some pictures. The Click and Grow pod vs the ēdn pod

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Also I went on the hunt to look for other pods and used the time to experiment with them a bit.

Left to right on all of the pictures:
GrowLED, EZ-Gro, J&C Smart Soils and our familiar Click And Grow pods

GrowLED and J&C Smart Soils seems to be from the same source. Down to the packaging in this while foil.
All three of them are actually hollow in the centre (you can see the plug) inside are nutritions for the plants.

I have to say that I don’t like a single of them. They do fit into the cups of Click And Grow, but they take on way too much water. If you have a plant that needs to be wet all the time that might be something for you, but compared to the original pods getting something growing in them is a game of luck. Also keep in mind that all three of them are really a different material compared to the original pods. Which creates some problems with getting the water via wig that is part of the Click And Grow cups.
As a matter of fact, when I initially put them into the cups, the next day there was still no moist in any of those godsend I had to play around with the plugs on the bottom of those pods to allow a better contact between the pods and the wig. But if you push the plugs too deep (or remove them and the nutritions) there is no chance to get the wig in touch.
In later trials I soaked the pods in water before putting them into the cups of Click And Grow.

To be fair, none of the brands claimed to be compatible with Click and Grow, one of them mentioned they work with ēdn, which might be possible as that system do not use a wig either.

Those pods feel more like a sponge and not like a nice pod. Taking the Click And Grow as an example of how a good pod should feel.

So result for me… I will use up the third party pods I have, but not buy any of those again. I will however keep an eye open for alternatives. I just think the Grow Anything pods are overpriced, but i have to admit the latest offer to buy 30 pods (1.99€ per pod) makes me rethink even that.


And one more type of pods, SereneLife. These pods are from the look and feel just like GrowLED and J&C Smart Soils. However they come in a larger box. They are also individually packed, but in clear plastic (personally i think the thin white plastic gives a nicer impression). But same as the other three pods… not on my list of items that I want to buy again.

Fun fact: They do have a clear instructions to water them for 3 minutes before use. And give instructions only in centimetres on how deep to soak them, but all other dimensions are in inches only.

I am eyeballing already some other pods that I want to try, but for now my conclusion is clear.
As much as I wish there would be a good alternative to the Click And Grow pods, I have to say nope there is not. The ēdn pods could be, but neither are they are available in Europe, nor do they offer anything close to the selection that Click And Grow offers, and for the others? Safe yourself some frustration and buy the original. Good Job Click And Grow!

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Another pod I tried. Four out of the four are growing right now without any hiccups. I planted them a bit over a week ago and they filled up the domes in a blink of an eye.
However that will be likely the only pack I will purchase from that brand, why you may ask? There are multiple reasons.
First of all the seed is just sprinkled over the pod, which is the reason why you need the aluminium foil. Click and Grow is doing a better job. Grand the seeds with C&G are also sometimes on top of the pods but I have never seen at least some stuck in the material. Actually what I have learned afterwards is that you are not supposed to remove the foil at all. Yeahhh no thank you, why introducing metal into something that is over wise totally ready for the compost?
Another reason is the pods themself are too small. The top is roughly half the diameter of what the C&G pods are. That means if you put these into the cups they will fall over if you are not quick to place the white caps on them. If you now want to tell me “Just 3D print some adapters” … well yeah that might be an option… but not worth the trouble for me.
Overall these pods seem of a better quality compared to the ones I have tested before, but they are also not available here in Europe.