Grow Anything plan pods - My experiences


I’ve been experimenting with the Experimental pods, and thought I’ve leave some feedback just incase anyone else is wondering what works and what doesn’t. Usually, I use my Click n Grow as starter for things that I will then transplant to containers on my balcony, or other windowsill pots.

Things that work really, really, well.

  • Lettuce - Buttercrunch Butterhead. This really gets wild. It explodes all over the surrounding pods.
  • Lettuce - Ruby Leaf. Another top performer that gets pretty big.
  • Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved. These will grow quickly, giving you something reliably strong to transplant.
  • Pumpkin. Another reliable starter to go outside.

Things that work OK.

  • Cabbage - Golden Acre. This is reasonably reliable.
  • Cucumber - Marketmore. This will do OK under the C&G. Quickly outgrows the pod and needs to spread roots.
  • Tomato - Beefsteak. It works, but no better than just planting in normal pot.
  • Corn - Golden Bantam. It sprouts reliably, but you have to transplant it quickly.

Things that failed.

  • Radish - Cherry Belle.
  • Spinach (Bloomsdale). Maybe finds pod too wet?
  • Turnip (Shoguin). This was a true experiment just to see what would happen. You’ll get nice peppery leaves, but that’s it. Even transplanting will not save it.
  • Rosemary. I haven’t worked out why this failed.
  • Thyme. I haven’t worked out this one either.

So, that might give people something to mull over. Obviously, your mileage might vary, but for me, half the fun is just trying to experiment.



That experimenting looks like a lot of work!

Anyways, I live in a hardy climate. So, I also use sg9 to start on plants that I’ll transplant to a greenhouse in late May, usually tomatoes (tall varieties), cucumber and physalis. It works really well for me.

Spinach does need lower temp range than herbs. If the temp drops they will sprout, but may bolt too early and produce less leaves if the day is too long.
Rosemary may need upto 1 month to sprout, and it naturally has quite low germination rate.

It would be awesome to read what other users have been testing.:bulb:


I would like to add to things that work really well with experimental pods:

  • Autoflowering Cannabis seeds

Noipv4 … Does it go all the way to the final stage of harvesting? Or do you transplant at a later stages?

Need to transplant into bigger pot with coco-peat and pumice stones, after 3 weeks.

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Also Stevia does fine as well. The germination ratio was around 50%. I used Swiss Stevia seeds in the experimental pods at ambient 26C over the summer.

My strawberry mint and lemongrass have gone crazy, had to finally repot and they are still going strong. Tiny Tim variety tomatoes are my next trial.


Anyone had success with germinating a Murraya-Koenigii / Curry tree seed in an experimental pod? Thanks

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Hi, first time using the click and grow 9. In one of the pods I planted scarlet kale, 2 seeds, both have sprouted should I remove one, to leave the stronger one growing? I am one week in so both have sprouted.

In terms of some of the other plants that haven’t sprouted yet: tomato, strawberry, how long would you wait before you consider them a dud?

Does anyone else use the surrounding light from click and grow to make other plants happy :slight_smile: ?

PS: Super excited about one of them I have going, the scarlet runner bean!



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Hi @Canadian, welcome to the community!

Really exciting to see you are experimenting with scarlet runner bean. Do plant to replant it later, as it is quite a large plant. Anyways, keep us posted!

Kale is usually fine if multiple seedlings grow in one pod if you plan to harvest it in baby leaf size.

Tomato and strawberry may need more time to sprout indeed, I would give them 3 to 4 weeks to sprout.

Hi gardeners,

I’m new here (not to the sg9 but to this forum) and wanted to share my newest “green experiences”. I planted garden lovage (Levisticum officinale) and cellery for picking (Apium graveolens, type: Gewone Snij). It came both out great, I have harvested very much. Both were planted around start of January 2022. I think I put too many seeds in the pods though.
Last year I had an Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum). It had many leaves, but I can’t remember seeing blossoms. But with that I am not sure whether there are different types from which some maybe don’t flower.

Recently (16th February) I planted Tagetes tenuifolia, Cosmos bipinnatus, Tropaeolum majus, some asian frisee lettuce, red oakleaf lettuce, chicory/witloof, endive, chamomile and some smaller lettuces which I think will maybe not work (like lamb’s lettuce and red mountain spinach), I have to wait a bit more for them. All of them are sprouting. And some of them are growing well.

Next I will try different types of mint (strawberry, pineapple, orange, chocolate). As I read someone had great success with strawberry mint, so I’m looking forward to this.

On the photo you can see a dwarf pea on the left, but the other two are the garden lovage and the cellery mentioned above.

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Hi. Just wanted to give an update on the grow anything pods. Everything sprouted but the one thing that worked really well is the Tagetes. After 52 days the first blossom opened. There are at least 6 more to be seen. And the blossoms are edible, I’m looking forward at tasting these. The red oakleaf also came out great.

@mireserline Awesome - that looks absolutely amazing. Definitely let me know how they tasted and if there’s anything you wanna try to do differently, or if this was the way to go for you!

I found out that the leaves are edible, too and I immediately tried it. It’s a mild fresh taste that reminds me slightly of tangerines. Think it will be a great addition to salad bowls.

Hi, the Tagetes tenuifolia

after 63 days and very tasty with a mild aroma of tangerine.


Another unusual success I have had starting in the Click and grow is citrus trees- I have started both lemon and Calamondin trees- they of course need to be transplanted but much better success rate tehn just putting in dirt!

Update to the Tagetes: The plant started degrading after around 120 days. I was able to constantly harvest flowers through all this time. And there were loads of flowers. :slight_smile:
I have also planted two other sorts of Tagetes (one edible, one decorative). Tagetes seem to work well with the sg9. Also I have planted blue woodruff. Although the flowers aren’t really blue (more white) it looks really nice because it’s extending above the edge of the sg9 which is what I’m looking for in some of the pods. It is really voluminous.


Thanks for the update @mireserline , I just love the color of tagetes! :heart_eyes:

I see you are also growing Dusty Miller. Did you use your own seeds or the Click and Grow plant pod? It is wonderful to see that you mix foliage decorative flowers with bold blooms.

Hi. I love to mix everything as I like it to grow wild and full. I used your seeds for the Dusty Miller. I also have some Californian Poppy that is now flowering.

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