Growth results in tropical Singapore

19 days in on my Smart garden 9 pro
Can you tell which is which? :blush:
I’m growing 3 of the same pods, rest are unique.

Sweet basil
Rainbow chard

Most have sprouted except for the Coriander which is still asleep and Catnip struggling to breakthrough.

Rainbow chard does well here

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Depending on the weather trend, the lettuce will either taste fine, or it’s gonna be the most bitter thing you ever tasted in your entire life

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It’s the latter! 🥲
Saw a leaf starting to wilt so I harvested it.
Very bitter.

I realised the only way to prevent the leaves from burning in the heat here is to cover it.

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By right the leaves shouldn’t be getting burned so early in the growth, unless yours was already reaching the lamp.
But yeah, bitter lettuce is the rite of passage for all Singapore clickers :slight_smile:

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Somehow my lettuces burn very easily.
Oddly Coriander doesn’t sprout. Gone moldy. Will choose another pot to grow next.

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@Ivan , if Coriander fails to sprout within three weeks, definitely submit a ticket to the support to receive new pods. If there are any other plant pods that fail to perform as should- definitely let us know, we would like to know if there is anything we could do to improve.

Hello Yellow Tomato Flowers!

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How much my tomato has grown :heart_eyes:


it seems that tomato really benefits from Singapore’s warm climate :slight_smile:

Day 77, and it looks like ripened fruits are on the way!
Fruiting plants are really fun!

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@Ivan wow that tomato really went up fast! How does it look now?

Hi Ivan, I am a newbie on this C&G systems… bought the 27 pots with stand. What an idea that you use the taller plastic container to keep the leaves from ‘burning’? I will give my arugula where one pod is growing nicely a try. Thanks Ivan

Hi Mirjam, I was just reading your comments to Ivan. I’ve been at my pods for the 7th week. I bought the 27 pots with stand and a whole bunch of pods. Sadly it’s now 7th week as I excitedly planted them on 24/3 at 1pm. Of the 6 lettuces, only 2 sprouted and just harvested 3 days ago as they reached the lights. Yummy and sweet. But the other 4 have no signs of growth. Also in the 2nd level, more pathetic, 2 of 3 dill sprouted, 3 of 3 parsley no growth. 2 peppermint of 3 only started to show signs of growth few days back. Lower tray is worst of all, tomatoes and Basil still not happening. Can you explain what you mean by ‘ticket’ …Was also just reading the manual, that pods also under warranty? Can they be faulty? Thanks any advice you can avail.

Hi @EsK , thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

‘submitting a ticket’ means that if you have a faulty pod or a plant pod that does not perform as promised you are very welcome to reach out to our support team and let them know about the issues you are having. It is a common norm to replace faulty pods or offer any other compensation, if for example there has been a quality problem with the plant pod. You can easily do it here or use support email

Also, I would like to encourage you to check plant care info on the product page to see what kind of plant pods will thrive in your climate and how long are the plants expected to last in an indoor garden.
Also, the Click and Grow mobile app is also very useful. You’ll get the basic info for every plant pod and once you register your garden and add plants to it- the app will provide you timed care tips for every plant you are growing.

I hope you find this info helpful!

Hi Mirjam, thanks so much. Yes, I have been reading much before the purchase and more now. Is there a time frame for me to submit a ticket? Does it have to be for 3 out of 3 pods of the packet to not sprout before it is allowed? I planted the pods on 24/3… should I give more time before considering them as faulty?

Hi Mirjam, I submitted the claim with the pics. Thank you for the link.

Hi again,

I don’t think there is a specific time frame, but it does not have to be 3 out of 3, even if 1 pod does not sprout it is a reason enough to submit a ticket. A support specialist will definitely ask more questions and helps to figure out what has caused such failure.
I hope all goes well and you can continue growing.

Hi Mirjam thanks for your reply. Yes, I need to make this work as have invested about 1K in it. I am glad there is the lettuce and arugula to keep my hopes going and reading the community folks’ experiences, make me realise I am not alone in having unsprouting pods. The harvested lettuce continues to do well…

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