Staying in Singapore, what's a things I can grow?

Hi there. I’m new to this. Can I ask what can I grow in a place that’s pretty hot and humid. Would have loved to do stuff like kale… But I know it’s not possible right?

Hello! Welcome to our community:)!

Most herbs will do great and chilies, peppers and tomatoes may even grow faster in hotter temperatures as they love warmth!

You can find more information about the temperature requirements for our plants, including a list of heat-sensitive plants to avoid below: Does temperature matter?

You can also see the temperature requirements for each plant on Click&Grow website on each of the pod listings if you select the ‘plant care’ tab.

I have tried planting Kale in Singapore in my system 9. It’s able to grow but not productive. I only managed to harvest a few leaves from 3 pots and over many weeks. Sweet Basil is definitely a good choice to grow. I have already pot it out to soil and it is still growing very well. Tomato not too successful in my view because I only managed to harvest 4 tiny tomatoes so far. Maybe if you grow it in air condition environment it will flourish better. I am trying lettuce now. It’s growing but looks weak and each pot only 1 or 2 seeds actually grew. Sad :expressionless: