Plants suitable for hot and humid climate?


I’m new to Click and Grow and I plan to gift a set for my parents in Vietnam. Vietnam is a tropical country with outdoor temperature can sometimes reach 38 degree Celsius. The plant will most likely live in an air-conditioned room but just in case, I’m wondering which plant/flower pods can grow well in a hot and humid weather condition.

Hi @kimnguyn.

Great question. Mostly all basils, peppers, and tomatoes do well in hot climates. To be absolutely sure you can find plant care and suitable temperature range under every plant pod on our web.
Please keep in mind that smart gardens are meant to be used indoors only.

Happy growing!

I live in Singapore.

All chillies, all peppers, all basils, rosemary, thyme should be fine.

For ornamentals, I have French marigold - stunning colour! I have not tried but I think painted nettle will thrive also.

I have tried spruce but one one sprouted and it grows really slowly. Still there but really slow.

Other than that I have dwarf lavenders that are blooming now in my SG9 - from seeds planted on experimental pods. Pretty satisfying. You can view the picture on the other topic I posted.


I’m in Singapore too. Look at the temperature suggested. The ones that say 30 deg do well in my kitchen (no aircon). The ones that say 24 deg do well in my living room (aircon). So far nothing has failed me!

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Thank you for your feedback @Nicole_Cheong,

What is the plant pod that you are most happy with?

Hi @Mirjam I’ve actually been happy with all of them! Maybe I’m really lucky… but I’ve grown almost the entire catalog with success!

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