Does temperature matter?



For some plant pods a precise temperature range is more essential than to others for germination and yielding. Due to heat sensitivity some limitations occur to growing plant pods successfully at hot temperatures.

It is vital to keep indoor conditions in mind, because outdoor climate does not usually reflect the actual conditions indoors, especially when the air conditioner is in use. So, if you live e.g. in Singapore and it is hot hot hot, but the AC is on 24h and lowers the temperature enough, you should not hesitate to grow heat sensitive plants.

Recommended average room temperature suitable for all plant pods is 22 °C (72°F ).

For successful growing of salad greens the temperature range should be 18°C (65°F) to 24 °C (75°F). Most salad greens are heat sensitive and have highest germination rate and highest yield at that temperature range. Also, high temperatures induce bolting that in turn may change the taste bitter and hold the plant back from growing new edible leaves.

Here is a list of plants that are heat sensitive:

  • Edible greens: Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Bloody Sorrel, Arugula, Red Kale, Leaf Mustard
  • Decorative plants: Moss Rose, Busy Lizzie
  • Fruiting plants: Dwarf Pea

If the plant pod is not mentioned in the list above it is not heat sensitive- it should be safe to grow everywhere!

Most herbs in Click and Grow plant pod selection, on the other hand, benefit from warmer temperatures, even if it is raised up to 30 °C. Fruiting plants, such as peppers, chilis and tomatoes benefit from warmth, which promotes faster germination and growth.


Thank you for such a useful guide!

My average temp at home is around 22 to 25 °C. Is it still safe for all pods?


Good question!

For most plants the average between 22 to 25 °C should be ok. Salad greens are the most sensitive to heat. Germination will take longer that usual. They will yield at that temp range, but will be more stretched out/leggy and run to seed earlier. They may even develop a bitter taste prematurely.