Basil pods not growing

Hi it’s been 2-weeks and my basil pods have not grown! I’m based in SG, but my plants are mostly indoors - the room temp temp tends to be 18C. Would it grow if I leave it out on my balcony (SG weather is usually 28-35C), or would that be too hot?

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Welcome @SpeeDee

So good to have you growing with us!

That’s a shame to hear, as basil is the most easiest indoor herb to grow. All plants in Click and Grow selection will germinate if the temperatures are over 18 degrees C.
Usually, the basil likes warmer temperatures to grow in as it is a native Mediterranean plant. So up to 26 degrees C can benefit the plants, but I rather not recommend leaving them outdoors if the Singaporean heat can be too much sometimes. But you can transplant your Click and Grow plants and grow them in pots. :slight_smile:

If your pods haven’t germinated in 21 days, you may be eligible for replacement. The Click and Grow Support team can help you further, contact them here: