Basil not growing

Hi my basil was planend 12/30/18 and was the same size for about 20 days. Please help me!

You could try to prune it, then the plant would spend less energy on the big leafs and more on growing.

Hey! I just did that on Friday with 2 of them but one was to small to prune

But all of the pods only 5 basils sprouted so they should be getting alot of nutrients and i shouldnt be having to do this. Can someone please tell me what could be causing this sluggish growth.
I am very sad :disappointed_relieved:

It looks healthy though.

What is the temperature range? Could it be a bit colder than basil would prefer?

Its 27 F today

Is 27F outside temperature or inside? If outside, what’s the temp inside where your basil is growing?

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Oh! Its 74 F

So, 74F is about 23 Celsius, and it should be favorable for Basil. But, is the temp also 74F right by the window?

I also live in cold climate. It is 74F indoors, but it is much colder by the window, around 64 F. So, during the cold period I need to move all my gardens away from windows to bookshelves.

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I moved my basil to the SHG so it should be fine now

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