Repotting basil plant

Hello. I bought and planted a basil plant one month ago. It has grown tremendously and i felt that it was time to repot. When i lifted the plant up, the roots had grown in circles in the bottom because there was no room. I live in New York and it is currently super cold outside. But i think that i need to repot very soon. What should i do?

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Hi @Anaclara1020

If you wish to keep your basil around for longer you may replant it in a pot and keep it indoors, just make sure it gets enough light to grow.

However, mild rootbound is fine for a month-old basil, but it is more crucial to use the correct harvesting method for basil, rather than transplanting it, but planting can be done similarily to other herbs, like rosemary.

Also, you may try the pro cups that come as an accessory. It allows the roots to grow more freely and helps to keep the pods around for longer for more yield.

Happy growing!