Basil stopped growing after a few sprouted leaves

Hi! I planted my basil on 12/18 of last year, and it hasn’t grown beyond what you see in the pictures. I keep it indoors and the average temp is 66°F. Do you have any tips for me on how to make sure it flourishes? Should I ask for a replacement?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom!

Also, is this mold on the soil? (Disclaimer: I know nothing about gardening and have zero experience.)

Hey @goldenstateofmind
If you planted this on last year I’d contact the support because it is too slow. Ask for a replacement if possible.

It should be near finishing its growing cycle already. You can try some things - emerging the pod in a glass of water and putting it back into the garden. Try changing the position in the garden.

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I’ll try those things; thanks for the advice, Debora!

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