Siting of click and grow

I had my new Click and Grow for Christmas and set it up on Boxing Day. Lettuces doing great, tomatoes and Basil getting underway. (Those basil leaves are tiny! Is it a dwarf Basil, I wonder?)
More importantly, I’ve got my set up on the kitchen window sill which faces due south. Is this going to be ok as we move into spring and summer as it can get very hot? Should I move it to the north side of the house?

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Welcome to the community @Colette

It really depends on how warm it actually gets under the full sun at where you are. For every plant pod, you can check on recommended temperature range on the product page or on the app.

Basically, you can place your garden whenever you like, as long as it meets the temperature requirements, some plants are more sensitive to heat than others e.g. most edible greens.

Though, the lamp is sufficient to provide enough light for the plants, so feel free to place it to the north side of the house.

That’s what I thought. I think it’s fine at the moment even on a sunny day but later on there’s a risk of things getting scorched.

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